Training Details - Certification Removal History

From the Training Details Page for certifications, users can view and launch the training associated with the certification, view the certification history, and print any past certificates. Important: This section is only available if the user was re-enrolled in the certification after previously being removed.

To view the Training Details Page for a certification, navigate to the transcript and click the Certifications tab on the left navigation. Then, click the title of a certification.

The following information is available in the Removal History section (fields with an asterisk will also display history for users removed prior to August 5th, 2022):

  • User ID*
  • Certification ID*
  • Removal date*
  • Removed by user*
  • Certification Status
  • User Status
  • Certification user status
  • Certification Title
  • Comments of Removal
  • How was user removed
  • Certification status at time of removal
  • Certification period at time of removal
  • Due Date at time of removal
  • Expiration Date at time of removal
  • Certification version at time of removal
  • Assignment Date
  • How assigned
  • Who assigned

Export removal history to Excel in the certification management removal history section by clicking the EXPORT TO EXCEL. To access Export to Excel, go to CERTIFICATION MANAGEMENT > MANAGE CERTIFICATIONS > VIEW USERS (under Options), select View Details for a user, and then view the removal history section. The removal history table displays the most recent 10 records with the text The most recent 10 rows are displayed. To export all removal history Export To Excel. To see the previously removal history data, click Export to Excel option which exports all removal history records to Excel.

As of the November 4, 2022 release, these fields are available in Reporting 2.0 in the Certification Removal History Report Type. Capturing of certification removal history was introduced on August 5, 2022, so some data will not be populated prior to August 5 2022, and you will see these fields with empty values.