Training - Open from Transcript

To open a training item from your transcript:

  1. Click the View Your Transcript link. This link can be accessed from the Home page or the Learner Home page.
  2. Select the appropriate option to the right of the training item. Depending on the training type and the current status of the training item, the name of the link to initiate the item will vary. Online courses open in a new window. If the Network Player is enabled, you may have the option to Launch Locally or Launch Online. See Network Player Transcript Options.

  • Note: For events within the Curriculum Player, the Select Session link does not display if restricted by the administrator. You can still view the details of the event by clicking the View Details icon but cannot select a session.
  • Note: If a training item within a library is already activated outside the library, the Activate link does not work. If you experience the Activate link not working within a library, search for the training item on your transcript and access it directly.
  • Loading Note: For issues with opening a training item, such as an online course, that continues to remain in a loading state, contact the system administrator for your organization for help with troubleshooting the issue.

WebEx Virtual Sessions

For WebEx virtual sessions, you can launch multiple active parts as they become available based on the learning object's approval status on the transcript. The date of the session for which you are registered displays in parentheses next to the event title and is followed by the date of the next upcoming part.

Depending on the WebEx settings, the part may not be accessible until a certain number of minutes prior to the start time. If the host has not yet started the meeting, the following notification displays: