Session - Register

When a user navigates to the Transcript page, event training items appear with the Select Session option until a session is selected. However, when a session is selected, the event is no longer visible on the Transcript page. The session is still visible in the Active training category.

To register for a session, go to Learning > View Your Transcript. Select the Select Session option for the session. Note: You are not listed in the roster for a session until you register for the session. The Select Session option does not display if the event is configured by the administrator to restrict users from selecting sessions. You can still view the details of the event by clicking the event title but cannot select a session.

  1. System automatically processes the registration and the Withdraw becomes available for the session.
  2. The session status remains Registered until you attend the session, at which point it will chang to Completed.
  3. After the registration start date, an administrator can still request a session for a user. For non-administrator users, however, registration will be closed.