Revoked Certifications

When a user's certification is revoked, the Certification Transcript page reflects the Revoked status in the Status column. The Manage link is still available in the Options column, which directs the user to the Certification Details page. However, only the following options are available on the Certification Details page:

  • View the details of a learning object
  • Print certificates associated with previously completed certification periods
  • View the Progress Report
  • Archive the certification

In addition, certifications in a Revoked status do not proceed to renewal periods if renewal periods are associated with the certification.

If the user would like to become re-certified, they must re-request the certification or it must be reassigned. Note: The user must be removed from the certification by the certification owner before they can re-request the certification. When re-requested, the Approval History section displays the approval history data of all previous instances of the certification in the user's transcript, regardless of the number of times the certification has been revoked. Progress from the previous certification carries over to the new instance of the certification request/assignment if the learning objects are still valid. Further, the History section does not display for new instances of a certification that was in a Revoked status.

Note: The option to print certificates is not available for certification periods that are in a Revoked status.