External Content - Overview

The external content training type can be created when building learning playlists, allowing playlist creators to include content that exists outside the system, such as YouTube videos, books, training courses, and more. External content can be added to the learning transcript and completed like other training types, and its availability can be set via the Course Console by administrators if needed. External content items can be found within playlists, on Learner Home and Learning Search, and on the Global Search page. Certain external content information can also be reported on using Custom Reporting functionality.

For information about creating external content: See External Content - Create.

Use Case: Adding External Content to Playlist

Jen is a Regional Sales Manager at ACME Corporation. She has various accolades and her colleagues often ask her for advice and guidance on how to build a successful career path. Jen is eager to help others, so she creates a playlist of learning objects from the internal catalogs with her recommendations for "Foundational Sales Skills." She begins to distribute the playlist, but her colleagues continue to ask: "What else has helped you in your career? What type of content or courses are you taking outside of the training we have in the Learning Management System?"

Jen reviews her notes and finds other training that would help enhance her playlist. She adds her favorite sales podcast, "Sales Gravy," an article she read as an associate from Harvard Business Review, and a YouTube video on Soft Skills. All these additions are added to the playlist as external content. Her playlist followers love the new additions and the fact that Jen can continue to add compelling external content for them to consume. Jen likes that she can increase the reach of her knowledge in her organization with her playlist.


The following exclusions apply to external content:

  • External content items do not appear on the Browse for Training page
  • External content items do not have Training Details pages when added to a user's transcript


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