Using Order Forms

The Order Form page allows you to purchase multiple learning objects as a part of a promotion. In this example, a promotional code is provided for the selected learning objects.

If an order form is available, it appears in the Order Forms widget on the Welcome page. To view an order form, in the Order Forms widget, click the View link next to the appropriate order form.

Select the training you'd like to purchase for yourself by selecting the For You option next to the appropriate items.

  • If the training is not available for you, "Not Available" displays in that column.
  • If you already have the LO on your transcript and the item is not available to purchase again, "Not Available" displays in that column.

Select the For Others option next to the appropriate LO to purchase the course as inventory in order to assign it to other users. If you do not have permission to manage inventory, this column does not appear.

  • If you have permission to manage inventory, but the item does not allow inventory purchase, "Not Available" is displayed in the For Others column.

Be sure to note any promotional codes or coupons that you will need to enter during checkout in order to receive a discount. If there is a promotional code or coupon that applies to the order form, it should appear on this page. Highlight the code, right-click and select Copy to copy the code for use during shopping cart checkout.

After selecting the necessary LOs, click Add to Cart. This takes you to the shopping cart. You can modify the quantities for each item in your shopping cart. See Shopping Cart - Overview.