My Account - Social

The Social tab is available on the My Account page and allows users to connect their Facebook profile with their user account. Users with Broadbean can also connect to their Broadbean account.

To access My Account:

  • Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the My Account link.
  • Select the Navigation icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the My Account link.

Note: This tab only appears if it is enabled by your administrator. As the tab name is configurable by the administrator, the name may appear differently in your portal.


The following information is displayed for each available connection:

  • Connection Logo - The logo for the connection displays to the left of the connection name. If the user is connected to the application, then the icon displays in color. If the user is not connected, then the icon displays in gray.
  • Connection Name - This column displays the name of the connection, such as "LinkedIn."
  • Connection Status - This column displays the status of the connection, indicating whether or not the user is connected. When the user is connected, the status displays the name under which the user is connected. If the user is not connected, then the column displays "Your connection has been lost. Please reconnect."

Connect to a Social Application

To connect to one of the available social applications on your My Account > Social page, select the Connect button to the right of the account name. If this button is not available, then this indicates that you are already connected to this application.

You are required to enter your credentials for the application to enable the connection between the social application and your portal.

With certain applications, the system is granted access to certain information:

  • Facebook:
    • Your public profile
    • Your friends list - This allows for quick identification of common connections between a user's friend list and current employees
    • Your email address associated with the account
  • Broadbean: This connection is available to users who have permission to edit postings on the Job Postings page for job requisitions. Users can connect their account and will stay logged in from this page to streamline the job posting process when creating, editing, and copying job requisitions. A Broadbean account is only available in portals that have an active account with the Broadbean integration.

Connection Options

The following options are available in the Options drop-down for any application to which you are already connected:

  • Refresh - Select Refresh to refresh the connection. Note: This option does not display for Broadbean.
  • Disconnect - Select Disconnect to disconnect the connection.