My Account - Reviews

Within the My Account section, the Reviews page displays all of the course reviews submitted by the user.

To view the Reviews page, in the upper-right corner of the page, click the My Account link. Then, on the left side, click the Reviews link.

The tab name may appear differently in your portal, depending on the display name configured by the administrator in My Account Preferences.

Note: The Reviews tab only displays if enabled by the administrator.

View Full Tab Name

If the tab name is longer than the maximum visible characters, then the full name can be viewed by hovering over the tab.

View Reviews

Each of the course reviews you have written are displayed on the Reviews page. By default, they are sorted by Date.

Sort Reviews

The sort options now display in a drop-down. Click the drop-down to sort the reviews by date or rating.

Search Reviews

To search for a review by review title or review text, enter the search text in the Search for review field and click the Search icon. All reviews with the matching text in the review title or review text are displayed.

View LO Details

Clicking the name of the training opens the Ratings & Reviews tab of the LO Details page. See Learning Details Page (Legacy) - Ratings and Reviews Tab.

Edit Review

The option to edit a review now displays in an options drop-down. Click the drop-down to select the Edit option. Changes to the review potentially affect the overall rating for the course and the review displayed throughout the system.

Delete Review

The option to delete a review now displays in an options drop-down. Click the drop-down to select the Delete option. This removes the review and updates the overall course rating for the course.