My Account - Orders

The Order History tab allows users to view the details of their past orders and print invoices. The Orders tab is only available if eCommerce is enabled.

From the Orders tab, users can do the following:

  • View orders
  • View inventory of pre-purchased training
  • View training unit transactions

The tab name may appear differently in your portal, depending on the display name configured by the administrator in My Account Preferences.

To access My Account:

  • Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the My Account link.
  • Select the Navigation icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the My Account link.

Select the Orders tab on the left.

Note: The Orders tab only displays for users who have permission to view the tab.

View Inventory

To view the inventory of pre-purchased training, select the View Inventory button. This opens the Training Inventory page. See Training Inventory Administration.

Note: The View Inventory option is only available for users who have permission to manage the inventory.

Orders Filter

The Orders drop-down menu enables users to filter the list of transactions by training units and orders. This option is only available if the administrator has enabled the preference to allow users to track training unit history in My Account.

Filtering by Training Units displays transactions related to the following:

  • Purchasing of training units
  • Training purchased with training units
  • Training units revoked
  • Training units issued

Filtering by Orders only displays transactions that are related to the purchasing of training items. The transactions do not include training units that have been distributed or revoked.

Transactions Table

The following information displays in the table:

  • Transaction Date - This column displays the date on which the transaction was completed. For transactions that are part of a Subscription, the transaction number in the Transaction ID column is not clickable. The user cannot view any subscription details for the transaction.
  • Transaction ID - This column displays the transaction ID. The ID is system generated and unique to each transaction. For users with permission to view or edit the order history details, the transaction ID displays as a link to the Order Details page. See My Account - Orders - Order Details (Redesigned).
    • If the column displays "Not Available," this indicates that the transaction was for training units that were issued or revoked for the user. For transactions for revoked training units, an information icon displays to the right of "Not Available." Select the icon to open the Revoked Training Units Details pop-up.
  • Payment Method - This column displays the method of payment used to complete the transaction. For transactions that are part of a Subscription, the Payment Method column displays "Subscription" as the payment method.
  • Total - This column displays the total amount of the transaction. The total may display as a monetary amount or as training units.
  • Details - This column displays the status of the transaction. The following are the possible statuses:
    • Completed - Note: The "Completed" status also displays for transactions that are for issued or revoked training units.
    • DeniedPending Payment