Connect Teams Overview

Teams are a powerful component of Connect. A team can be comprised of hand-picked members, organizational units (OUs), or both.

Each Team Page consists of an Overview page, a Team Feed, a Team Tasks page, and a Members page.

The Overview tab provides a high-level snapshot of what the team is doing; it includes the following information:

  • A compact version of the five most recent Team Feed items
  • A list of the user's five upcoming tasks
  • A list of the team's five upcoming tasks
  • A list of team members

The Feed tab allows team members to share knowledge with each other and stay informed on team member activities.

The Tasks tab allows team members to create, view, and manage tasks.

The Members tab allows users to view and manage the team composition.

Use Case

In preparation for the annual client conference, several members of the Marketing department set up a team in order to work on a presentation. The team members share information on the Team Feed, and they create and manage the various tasks needed to deliver the presentation on the Team Tasks page.