Posting Action - Reply

Users are able to reply to another user's posting and other posting comments.

To reply to a posting, click the Comment field to expand the Comment section and display additional options. Enter your reply in the field below the posting, up to 10,000 characters.

The reply to an existing reply, click the Comment icon in the lower-left corner of the reply. Doing so opens a text box. The location of the text box depends on the number of existing replies:

  • Replying to a reply thread with three or more existing replies opens a text box directly beneath the last threaded reply.
  • Replying to a reply thread with two or fewer existing replies opens a text box at the bottom of the page.

You also have the option to attach a URL or file to the reply.

Hashtags cannot be used to create a tag when commenting on a posting.

Note: To prevent cross site scripting (XSS), any HTML using encoded Javascript will be sanitized.

Click Reply to add your reply to the posting, or click Cancel to discard your reply. If enabled, the Knowledge Bank/Communities Reply email is triggered when a user replies to a posting in the Knowledge Bank or community.

Users may be able to delete a posting or reply from the posting page. This option is only available to topic moderators, community moderators, administrators, and users who belong to an action group that allows them to delete postings or replies. See Posting Action - Delete Posting or Reply.