Posting Action - Include URL Preview

When creating or replying to a posting, you can include a URL with the post.

To include a URL with your post, click the Attach Link button . Then, in the URL field, enter the URL and click the Add button. Knowledge Bank generates a URL preview that is displayed below the field. If the URL is an invalid URL, then no preview is displayed.

The URL preview includes the following information:

  • A thumbnail image from the linked web page
  • The linked web page name
  • The linked URL
  • The linked web page description

If Knowledge Bank finds multiple images from the linked web page, you can select which image is displayed by clicking the Next button.

To exclude the URL preview image, select the No thumbnail checkbox. The URL preview information is still included, but the image is removed.

To remove the entire URL preview, click the Delete icon in the upper-right corner of the URL preview.