Connect - Live Feed Overview

The Live Feed page is the landing page for Connect. It displays user updates and activity updates from connections, team members, and users who have permission to broadcast company-wide messages.

Which types of updates appear in the feed is dependent upon the preferences set by the system administrator.

To access the Live Feed, go to Connect > Live Feed.

User Photograph

At the top of the page, the user's photograph is displayed. Click the photograph to open the Universal Profile - Bio page for the user. See Universal Profile - Bio Overview.

Post an Update

Users are able to post an update to their Live Feed. Updates can include file attachments and video attachments. Users can also determine who can see each update. The option to post an update is controlled by the system administrator. See Live Feed - Post an Update.

View Updates/Postings

When someone posts an update that is visible to you, it appears on your Live Feed page. The information that is displayed varies depending on the type of update and what is included in the update. See Live Feed - View Update/Posting.

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