Connect Community Management (Old)

Communities are online groups of users with like interests, job classification, shared projects, etc. Communities may be public (anyone may join) or private (user must be invited or their request to be added approved). Private communities will not be visible to anyone not currently a member of the community. Posts and topics may be designated for particular Communities.

  1. Click on Connect page.
  2. Click Community Administration link.
  3. View Pending Approvals - Click to view and approve pending approval requests.
  4. Manage Users icon - Click to remove members, does not include members who were assigned to the community. If a member is removed, they will not be notified and then are not prevented from joining the community again.
  5. Layout icon - Click to manage the layout of the community.
    • Widget Position - Widgets may be dragged and dropped to either two columns in any order.
    • Widget Title - Click the Edit icon on the widget title bar can be used to edit the title and to specify number of items to display.
    • Remove widget - Drag and drop the widget to the anchor area in the top right of the screen.
    • Custom Widgets - Drag and drop Custom 1 and/or Custom 2 to the lower section of the screen and click the Edit icon to enter message (HTML friendly).
    • Leaders Widget - Drag and drop to include widget on the Community's main page. By default the widget will be titled Leaders and will display 4 community leaders.
    • Tag Cloud - Drag and drop to include widget on the Community's main page. The Tag Cloud will display below the Topic's Moderators and Experts. The tag cloud will be visible to users who can access the community. The tags in the cloud are a combination of tags associated with the postings that make up the topics associated with the community.