Topic Sharing - Rules

The following rules apply when sharing a topic to another community:

  1. The topic is always shared in the main level of topics within the shared community.
  2. The topic's original availability is always retained, regardless of the availability of the shared community. However, the availability of the shared community can be added to the shared topic.
  3. A topic must be associated with at least two communities to be considered shared. If a topic is only associated with a single community, then the topic is not considered shared.
  4. Unsharing a topic from all communities deletes the topic.
  5. When editing a community or topic, the editor can choose to apply the availability settings to all topics within the community or topic. However, a warning message is displayed to confirm the action.
  6. A shared topic cannot be deleted. Also, if a parent topic has shared subtopics, then the parent topic cannot be deleted.
  7. A user must match the availability of a shared topic to view the shared topic. However, a user does not need to match the availability of the topic's community to view the shared topic.
  8. A shared child topic cannot be unshared if the parent topic is shared.
  9. Creating a child topic within a shared topic automatically shares the child topic.
  10. Unsharing a parent topic automatically unshares any child topics.