Community - Topics

The Topics tab allows users to view the top-level topics that are available to the user. A user can only view a community if the user is within the availability settings for the community.

To access the Topics tab for a community, go to Connect > All Communities. Click the community title, and then click the Topics tab.

Each top-level topic within the community is displayed in alphabetical order.

The availability of a topic within a community is determined by the availability settings of the community. Users can view all topics within a community if they have access to the community.

Community Tabs

The following tabs are available for the community:

  • Main - This tab is the landing page for the community. It displays highlighted and curated content for users.
  • Topics - This tab provides access to all topics within the community.
  • Members - This tab provides access to all members within the community.

Search for Postings

To search for postings within a community, enter your search criteria in the Search within community field and either click the Search icon or press [Enter]. This opens the Posting Search Results page. See Posting Search Results.

Community Options

The following options are available in the Options drop-down:

  • Follow Community - This option is available to all users who are members of the community. When a user is following a community, the user may receive email notifications whenever a posting is created in any of the topics that are available to the user within the community. Also, the community appears in the Following section of the user's Universal Profile: Bio. When a user follows a community, the user implicitly follows all of the topics and subtopics within the community.
  • Unfollow Community - This option is only available when the user is currently following the community. When the user selects this option, the user is no longer following the community or any of the topics within the community. If the user had followed any individual topics within the community prior to following the community, then the user is still following those topics when the community is unfollowed.
  • Create Topic - Select this option to create a topic. The ability to create, edit, or delete a community topic is only available to administrators and community moderators. See Community Topic - Create/Edit.

View Topic Details Page

The Topic Details page displays all of the subtopics within the topic and all of the topic postings. Topic Moderators are able to edit the topic and create and edit subtopics. Topic members are able to create postings. Users can click a topic name to view the corresponding Topic Details page. See Community Topic - Topic Details Page.