Cohort Community - Learning - Video LO Pop-up

Within a cohort community, video LOs that use an uploaded video file that meets the minimum audio and video bit rates are launched in a unique pop-up that enables cohort community members to view the video, comment on specific moments of the video, and view other cohort members' comments on the video. Note: The ability to view video LOs in a pop-up, add comments, and view comments is not available for video LOs that use a YouTube link. See Video Streaming.

As users view a video LO, the user is able to add comments, ask questions, view other students' comments and questions, and view instructors' responses to student comments and questions.

To launch a video learning object (LO), select the Learning tab of a cohort community, and then click the Launch button for the video LO.

LO Title

The top of the pop-up displays the video LO title.

Add Comment

Users can add a comment or ask a question regarding the video by entering the comment text in the Add a Comment field and clicking the Comment button . The character limit for comments is 140. Comments are visible to all users within the cohort who view the video.

Comment Viewing

When a comment is submitted, the comment is associated with the exact time of the video at which it was submitted. When other users within the cohort view the same video LO, the comment will appear to the right of the video at the exact moment in the video that the comment was submitted. This enables all students to read the comment or question at the relevant moment in the video and understand the context of the comment or question. Similarly, if the instructor responds directly to a comment or question, then all users can view the original comment and the instructor's response. This creates a classroom-like experience because students can interact with the instructor and other students.

Comments are displayed in chronological order of the video timeline, not the order in which the comments were authored. For example, comments that are associated with the beginning of the video are displayed before comments that are associated with the end of the video.

With each comment, the author's photograph, name, and the time within the video at which the comment was posted are displayed.

Instructors are able to reply directly to a comment, and the original comment and the instructor's reply are visible to all cohort members. When an instructor replies directly to a comment, the instructor's reply and the original comment are connected by a vertical line in the comment display. This is to indicate that it is a direct reply to the comment.

Mark Complete or Close

Click the Mark Complete button to mark the video LO as complete. Or, click Close to exit the video player without marking the video LO as complete.

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