Check-Ins - Manage Settings

Once you create a Check-In discussion, you can view and edit all settings, add, reorder, and edit topics, and update notes as necessary.

To manage Check-Ins, go to Performance > Check-Ins. Click the appropriate item on your dashboard, and then click the Settings icon.

General Settings Tab

Use the General Settings tab to view or edit the following information:

  • Participants - View all participants in this discussion.
  • Check-In Name - View or edit the name of this discussion.
  • Check-In Description - View or edit the description of this discussion.
  • Meeting Frequency - View or edit the meeting frequency for this discussion.

After changing any of the general settings, click Save to save your changes.

Mange Topics Tab

Use the Manage Topics tab to add, edit, reorder, and add topics. You can also archive and restore topics. See Check-Ins - Manage Topics .

Modification History Tab

Use the Modifications History page to track changes made to a discussion since its creation. The information on this page is system-generated and cannot be modified.

  • Date Range - Enter the date range for the changes you want to view.
  • User - View the modification history for all participants in the discussion or specific participants.
  • Modified On - The date of the modification.
  • User - The name of the user who made the modification.
  • Meeting - The date of the meeting to which this change applies.
  • Event - The type of modification.
  • Show Details - Displays the modification changes.

Exit Settings

To exit Settings, click the Exit Settings button.