Check-Ins Overview

The Check-Ins tool is a continuous performance management tool to help organizations have ongoing and effective dialogs with their managers and teams to drive alignment, coaching, and continuous performance development.

This tool provides administrators with default templates that can be modified, or administrators can create new templates, add and edit discussion topics, and provide conversation-guiding text.

Once templates are created, employees can use the Check-Ins tool to define goals and career development, as well as provide feedback to managers. Managers and end users can select an appropriate Check-In type, such as a Goals check-in, complete or review the topics in the check-in, and establish a schedule for regular meetings.

The Check-Ins interface is designed to be mobile-responsive, so it can be used on mobile devices.

There are two main pages that administrators can set as the initial Check-Ins page:

Administrator Actions

Administrators can perform the following tasks when working with Check-Ins:

User and Manager Actions

Managers and employees can perform the following tasks when working with check-in discussions


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