Check-Ins - Add a New Meeting

You can add a new meeting to an existing discussion by selecting a meeting date.

Check-Ins Icons

The following icons are available on this page:

Check-Ins Menu- Click this icon to go to your Check-Ins home page.
Discussion members - Displays the people who are involved in this discussion. Click any member to view their meeting dates, archive a meeting, or create a new check-in discussion for the selected person. Based on the settings, this icon may be an image, user initials, or an open circle.

Select a Meeting Date

  1. On your dashboard, open the discussion where you want to add a new meeting.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • To add a new date, select a new date in the in the date field. the new date appears in the New Meeting section.
    • To add a new date in the current meeting frequency, click New Meeting without selecting a date in the date field. For example, if the current meeting frequency is bi-monthly, the new date is the next bi-monthly date from the last meeting.

    The selected date appears in the Meetings section.