Check-Ins - Add a New Meeting

Use the meetings and topics page to add a new meeting to an existing check-in.

To access the meetings and topics page, go to Performance > Check-Ins and select the appropriate meeting.

Check-Ins Icons

The following icons are available on this page:

Check-Ins Menu- Click this icon to return to the Check-Ins home page.
Find People- Search for people with whom you want to start a Check-Ins discussion, search for participants in current discussions, or find previously conducted Check-Ins with participants who no longer work for the company, or participants in archived conversations.

People Bar- Displays all participants with whom you had a Check-In discussion. Click any member to view their meeting dates, to archive a meeting, or create a new Check-In discussion. If there are more than five people on the People Bar, only people that you had a Check-In with in the last 31 days will display.

Add a New Meeting

To add a new meeting:

  1. Select one of the following options:
    • To add a new date, select a new date in the in the date field. The new date appears in the New Meeting section.
    • To add a new date in the current meeting frequency, click the New Meeting button without selecting a date in the date field. For example, if the current meeting frequency is bi-monthly, the new date is the next bi-monthly date from the last meeting.

    The selected date appears in the meeting list.