SSO Link to Cornerstone Success Center

Single Sign On (SSO) is used to access the Success Center directly from your live (production) portal. The Success Center link only works from your Live portal, and only if you have an existing ID (user account) in the Cornerstone Success Center.

  1. Go to the Home page.
  2. Click the Success Center link.
  3. Click on the Cornerstone Success Center button to be directed to the Success Center through single sign on.
    1. If the administrator has an existing user account on the Cornerstone Success Center, he or she is directed to the Success Center home page without being required to log in.
    2. If the administrator does not have an existing Success Center ID, he or she will be directed to the Success Center log in page where registration is available.

Internet Explorer Log-In Error for Online Help

If you experience an error accessing Online Help in Internet Explorer indicating that you are not logged in to your portal, try following these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools-Internet Options-Security.

  1. Click the "Security" tab and choose the "Trusted Sites" icon.

  1. Then click on the button "Sites". A window will open, where you can add any sites that you wish to be in the Trusted zone. Be sure to remove the check by the entry "Require server verification (https:)...."

  1. Enter the site of interest in the line provided. Site URLs can be typed in directly or entered by copying and pasting. A shortcut method of copying and pasting an URL from the IE address bar is to use the keyboard command ALT+D to select the Web address and then use CTRL+C to copy it to the Windows Clipboard. Then right-click in the space under "Add this Web site to the zone" and choose "Paste" from the context menu. The example below shows the NY Times site being added. Note that it is not an https site and that the appropriate box is unchecked. After entering a site click the "Add" button.

  1. The site is now added to the list of trusted sites.