Talent Pools Overview

The redesigned Manage Talent Pools functionality offers a new user interface (UI) and the integration of Recruiting features. For portals with Recruiting, talent pools can be used to source applicants for job requisitions. Candidates can be added from Manage Applicants and can be added to job requisitions from within the Manage Talent Pools page.

Use Cases

  • A Human Resources Manager wants to create talent pools of strong candidates to be developed and promoted within the organization. She wants to be able to share these pools with hiring managers and recruiters.
  • A recruiter wants to develop a short list of internal and external candidates for a high-priority position in order to select the best talent in support of her hiring manager’s needs. She wants to be able to add high-potential candidates to open requisitions and communicate with them, if needed.


The Talent Pools redesign is enabled for all portals with Succession and/or Recruiting in Stage environments for the April '16 release. The redesign will be enabled by request in Production portals via a work order for the April '16 release. For the July '16 release, the redesign will be automatically enabled for all portals.

Recruiting and Succession

For portals with Recruiting and Succession, the full Talent Pools functionality will be available.

Recruiting Only

For portals with Recruiting only, the Succession actions will still display in the talent pools (Create Groups, Nominations, Development Plans). However, development plans will not be useable since a development plan would not be set up for portals that do not have Succession.

Succession Only

For portals with Succession only, the Recruiting actions (Add to Requisition) will not display.


With this enhancement, the Talent Pools - Manage permission description will be updated to include the ability to add candidates to a job requisition. The permission description updates will be visible in Online Help upon implementation of this enhancement.

The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Applicants: Add/Move to Requisition

Grants ability to add or move applicants to requisitions the applicant did not apply for. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade.

Applicants: Add to Talent Pool Grants ability to add applicants to talent pools. Recruiting
Talent Pools - Manage Grants ability to create and manage Talent Pools. This permission also grants access the ability to add candidates to a job requisition. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission. Talent/Succession - Administration


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