Succession Management Plan (SMP) Templates - Overview

Succession Management Plan templates includes all of the steps and configuration options for a particular setup of a succession management task. SMP templates support talent pooling succession plans.

There are four types of SMP templates, "Employee Relationship" (traditional succession planning), "Assessor" for succession planning for a group or pool of users, "Job Pool" for succession planning for a particular position, rather than an incumbent, and "Talent Conference" for scheduling and conducting talent review conferences.

Determining the template type allows you to create succession plans for multiple scenarios. This functionality enables organizations to succession plan for critical roles, strategic positions, high potentials, or any pool of employees across the organization.

To access SMP Templates, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Templates.

Search Templates

Search for existing SMP template by name and type. Select the Display Inactive Templates option to include inactive templates in the display.

Add Template

Select this link to create a new SMP task template. See SMP Template - Create/Edit.

Templates Table

The following information displays for each SMP task template in the table:

  • Title
  • Type


When this option is selected, the corresponding SMP task template is active.


The following options are available in the Options column: