Create SMP Template - Profile Step

The Profile step includes sub-steps for an assessor to complete. The Profile step allows you to build a profile of the employee selected for succession planning and provide the assessor with an in-depth look at the employee's current contributions to the organization. This also allows the assessor to identify future development for the employee. This step type is only available for Manager and Assessor templates.

To create an SMP Template, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Templates. Then, click the Add Template link.

Add Sub-Step

To add a sub-step:

  1. Click Add Sub-Step to add additional sub-steps to the step. Default sub-steps are Metric Sub-Step, Resume/Feedback Sub-Step, and Development Plan Sub-Step. The Add Profile Sub Step pop-up appears where you can select the types of sub-steps to add.

  2. After selecting the sub-step types, click Done to add them to the template. Note: You can select multiple sub-step types, but the Development Plan and Competency sub-steps can only exist once in a profile step.

The added sub-steps appear at the bottom of the list on the Define Template: Profile page.

  • To reorder, drag and drop items into the desired order.

  • To move a sub-step, click the title and drag it to the desired location. When it is in the proper position, release the mouse button.

Sub-Step Table


  • Click Save to save any changes.
  • Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes.