Create SMP Template - Profile Step

The Profile step is a comprehensive step which includes sub-steps for an assessor to complete. The Profile step allows you to build a profile of the employee selected for succession planning and provide the assessor with an in-depth look at the employee's current contributions to the organization. This also allows the assessor to identify future development for the employee.

To create an SMP Template, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Templates. Then, click the Add Template link.

By default, the Profile step includes the following sub-steps: Metric Sub-Step, Resume/Feedback Sub-Step, Development Plan Sub-Step. Additional sub-steps can be added to the step by clicking the Add Sub-Step link. The Add Profile Sub Step pop-up appears where you can select the types of sub-steps to add. You can select multiple sub-step types, but the Development Plan and Competency sub-steps can only exist once in a profile step. After selecting the sub-step types, click Done to add them to the template.

The added sub-steps appear at the bottom of the list. These can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into the desired order. To move a sub-step, click the title and drag it to the desired location. When it is in the proper position, release the mouse button.

Existing and new sub-steps can be edited by clicking the Edit icon in the Options column. This opens the Step Properties page where you can edit the details of the sub-step. Each sub-step type has different options.

The following are the available profile sub-step types: