SMP Assessor Task - Create - Step 4 - Task Review

Use the Task Review page to add multiple Task Review steps to allow for senior managers, HR business partners, or other roles to review and modify the completed succession task. This is an optional step.

Task Review steps are only available for Manager, Assessor, and Job Pool tasks. Task Review steps are not available for Talent Conference tasks.

To create a Succession Management Planning (SMP) task, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Tasks. Then, click the Add SMP Task link.

Task Owner Time Period

Displays the time period during which the succession task owner is able to complete the task. By default, this is set to the Task Period that was defined on the General step.

After at least one Task Review period has been added to the succession task, an Edit icon is available to the right of the Task Owner Time Period field. To edit the time periods for the Task Owner and all Task Reviewers, click the Edit icon to the right of the Task Owner Time Period field. See Succession Task - Edit Time Periods.

Add Task Review

Click the Plus icon to open the Add Task Review panel. See Employee Relationship Task - Create - Task Review - Add/Edit Task Review.

The option to add a Task Review step is not available if the task is started.

Task Reviews Table

Displays any Task Review periods that are added to the succession task. The Task Review periods are displayed in the order in which they were added to the task, with the first added Task Review period displayed first. This also determines the order in which the Task Review periods will occur in the succession task.

The following information is displayed for each task review:

  • Task Review Name - This displays the name of the task review, as specified by the administrator when the task review was created.
  • Reviewer Type - This displays the role that is responsible for completing the task review.
  • Task Review Due Date - This displays the date by which the task review must be completed.
  • Options:
    • Edit - Select this option to edit the details of the task review period. See Employee Relationship Task - Create - Task Review - Add/Edit Task Review.
    • Delete - Select this option to remove the Task Review step from the succession task. A Warning pop-up appears to confirm the deletion. When a Task Review step is deleted, this impacts the Start and End dates of the Task Review steps that remain within the task.


Select Back to proceed to the Co-Planners step. See SMP Assessor Task - Create - Step 3 - Co-Planners.

Select Next to proceed to the Confirm step. See SMP Assessor Task - Create - Step 5 - Confirm.

Click Cancel to discard any unsaved changes and return to the Task Administration page. See SMP Task Administration Overview.