Job Interest Categories

The Job Interest Categories page allows administrators to create, edit, and delete job interest categories.

To access the Job Interest Categories page, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Job Interest Categories.

To add a Job Interest Category:

  1. Click the Add Job Interest Category link. This opens the Add Category pop-up.
  2. In the Name field, enter the job interest category name. The character limit for this field is 50.
  3. Using the Availability drop-down, select the availability for the category. Only users within the category availability can utilize the category within the Career Center.
  4. Click Save. The new category appears in the Job Interest Categories table in alphabetical order.

To search for an existing category by name, enter the category name in the Search field and click Search.

The Job Interest Categories table displays all existing categories. To include inactive categories in the display, select the Hide Inactive Fields option. The table displays the following information for all existing categories:

  • Name - The category name. Categories are listed in alphabetical order by default.
  • Active - The category's Active status. If a category is made inactive, the category does not appear on Career Center Preferences page and cannot be enabled for users. Inactive categories do not appear in the Job Interest Categories list unless the Hide Inactive Fields option is deselected. Job Interests that are associated with the inactive category remain associated with the category.

The following options are available for each category:

  • Edit - Edit the category. This opens the Edit Category pop-up, which is the same as the Add Category pop-up in functionality.
  • Translate - If multiple languages are enabled for the portal, click the Translate icon to localize the category name into the other available languages.
  • Delete - Delete the category. This option is not available once the category is associated with a user's job interest.