Career Preference Questions

This allows administrators to define the questions that display to users on Career Preferences. The Career Preference Questions administration allows administrators to customize current questions and create new questions for the Career Preferences.

To access the Career Preference Questions, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Career Preference Questions.

Select whether the available locations for the Career Preference Questions are taken from the available Location OUs in the system or from the locations that are entered into the Location Bank. If this selection is changed, all of the locations selected by users are cleared and users must reselect the appropriate locations.

  • Location OU - This allows users to select from the available Location OUs.
  • Location Bank - This allows users to select from the available locations that the administrator has entered into the Location Bank.

Add a Question

To add a career preference question, click the plus icon to the right of the Questions heading. A pop-up opens.

Enter the question text in the field, up to 200 characters. Then, select the Save button. There are four default career preference questions that cannot be deleted. An additional six questions can be added.

If Universal Profile - Bio - Career is enabled, then administrators are able to create any type of career preference question. The maximum number of fields per section is 20, including default questions. See Career Preference Questions - Add Question.

Field Type

If Universal Profile - Bio - Career is enabled, then a Field Type column appears to the right of the Name column.


Select the Required option to make the question required. When a user visits the Career Preferences page, they must answer all required questions.

Question Options

The following options are available in the Options column:

  • Translate - If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, click this icon to localize the question text into the other available languages. Note: If Universal Profile - Bio - Career is enabled, then this option is not available. A language can be associated with a question when it is being created or edited.
  • Options - Click to edit the question text.
  • Delete - Click to delete the question.


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