SF-182 Vendor - Add

On the Add Vendors page, administrators can create and edit vendors. They can also manage the active status of a vendor.

To add a new SF-182 Vendor, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > SF-182 Administration. On the SF-182 Administration page, click the Manage SF-182 Vendors link. Then, click the Add New Vendor link on the SF-182 Vendors page.

Add Vendor

When adding a vendor, all fields except Address #2 are required.

To add a vendor:

  1. Enter the vendor name, up to 500 characters.
  2. Enter the address in the Address #1 field, up to 500 characters.
  3. Enter additional address information in the Address #2 field, up to 500 characters.
  4. Enter the city in which the vendor is located, up to 250 characters.
  5. Enter the state in which the vendor is located, up to 100 characters.
  6. Enter the vendor's zip code, up to 20 characters.
  7. Enter the vendor's phone number, up to 20 characters.
  8. Enter the vendor's email address, up to 250 characters.
  9. Check the Active option to activate the vendor.
  10. Click Submit.

If the vendor is active, the vendor appears on the SF-182 Vendors page and is available to select on the Training Vendor pop-up of the SF-182 request form.

If the vendor is not active, the vendor is not visible on the SF-182 Vendors page unless you check the Show Inactive box. Further, inactive vendors are not available to select when creating, editing, or copying an SF-182 request.