SF-182 Overview

The SF-182 (Standard Form 182) "Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training" form can be used by users when requesting external training and for administrators and managers requesting external training on behalf of a user. Administrators can also configure preferences so that only the SF-182 form can be used for requesting external training.

The SF-182 form is controlled by backend settings that are turned off by default. To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support. Note: Learning Management System must also be enabled in your portal.

Note: In order to successfully submit an SF-182 request, your administrator must configure approval steps on the SF-182 Preferences page. See Set SF-182 Preferences - Set Approvals.


User Creates SF-182 Request

Manager Creates SF-182 Request

Administrator Tracks SF-182 Requests in Their Organization

Administrator Creates SF-182 Request

Administrator Sets Preferences for SF-182

Administrator Tracks SF-182 Vendors in Their Organization

Administrator Sets Custom Fields for SF-182