SF-182 Administration

The SF-182 Administration page enables administrators to track, approve, and create SF-182 requests. Administrators can also manage vendors from this page.

To access SF-182 Administration, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning preferences > SF-182 Administration.

Create New Request

Click the Create New Request link to create a new SF-182 request for one or more users.

Manage SF-182 Vendors

Click the Manage SF-182 Vendors link to open the SF-182 Vendors page. See SF-182 Vendors.


Enter search filter options in the Training Title or Request ID. A filter by location, division, or user, can also be applied by using Select OU criteria. You can also select one or more statuses from the Status drop-down. Click Search to use the filter options selected to Search.

Note: When using the Select OU filter, only Location, or Division, or User can be selected and you cannot select a combination of location, division, and user. Also, the location, division, and user filters do not currently support selecting or displaying child organizational units.

SF-182 Requests table

This table displays all requests within the manager's permission constraints. The table is sorted by newest to oldest request date. All columns are sortable except the Options column. The following information displays for each request:

  • Requested by - This column shows the name of the user that requested the training.
  • Training Title - This column shows the title of the external training.
  • Request ID - This column shows the ID number of the request. The ID number is auto-generated for the request the first time it is submitted.
  • Date Submitted - This column shows the date on which the request was submitted.
  • Status - This column shows the status of the request.
  • Approval - Click the Approve or Deny icons to access the Approve/Deny SF-182 Request page on which you can perform approval and denial actions. The icons are available only for forms that are in a Pending Approval status.

The following options are available in the Options column:

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to edit the request. The icon is always visible regardless of the status of the form or the external training.
  • Copy - Click the Copy icon to copy the request. When copying a request, the Training and Cost fields are copied. The information in the User Details section is not copied.
  • Print - Click the Print icon to print the request.