Volunteer Activities Progress Summary Pie Chart

This report enables administrators to view progress information regarding a specific volunteer activity.

To run the Volunteer Activity Progress Summary Pie Chart Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Volunteer Management tab. Then, select the Volunteer Activity Progress Summary Pie Chart link.


Criteria Description

Date Criteria

Select the date range for the report by selecting a date range from the drop-down list or by entering specific dates in the From and To fields. The report will include all activity for users who requested the training or were assigned the training within the selected date range.

User Criteria

Limit report output to the users matching the specified user criteria. The report only runs within the defined constraints for the user running the report. If the user's permission to run the report is not constrained, at least one criterion must be selected. If the user's permission to run the report has at least one constraint and no criterion is selected, the report is run for all available users.

Activity Title

Click the Select icon to choose an activity for the report. The report will include only data from the selected activity. Only one activity can be selected. The activities available for the report may be limited by constraints placed on the Volunteer Activity Progress Summary Pie Chart permission.

Include Inactive Users

Select this option to include inactive users in the report.

Include Removed Activity

Select this option to include an activity that has been removed from the user's transcript.


The following information is included in the report output:

Field Description

User ID

The user's system ID.


The user's name.


The user's manager.

Registration Date

The date on which the user became registered in the activity.

User Start Date

The date of the user's first instance of activity on the roster.

Completion Date

The date on which the user completed the activity. This can be done by ending commitment to the activity after meeting the minimum commitment or by reaching the activity End Date with all segments completed.


The activity status.

User Status

The user's transcript status with regards to the activity. Note: This column only appears if the Include Inactive option is selected.


Click this icon to view the user's Volunteer Activity Transcript.