Online Course Attempts Report

The Online Course Attempts Report provides report data for online courses that users have attempted but not yet completed or have completed. The report provides the user's score, if available, as well as the status of the attempt, the date on which the user attempted/completed the course, and the number of attempts. This report does not include information on users who have not attempted the course.

To access the Online Course Attempts Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Training.


Feature Description
Date Criteria Select the date range for the report from the drop-down list or enter specific dates in the From and To fields.
User Criteria

Select a user or a group of users that may be included in the report. This criterion applies to the users who will appear in the report output. You may choose one or more individual users as well as entire organizational units (OUs) or Groups. Depending on the constraints of the report permission, the user running the report may only be able to view users for the organizational units to which they are constrained.

If this field is left blank, then the report checks the user's permission constraints and returns results for all users who are within the report permission constraints. If the user has no permission constraints, then the report returns results for all users.

Advanced Criteria Training Title

Filter the report by a specific training title. The report output returns online course attempt results for the selected training.

Provider Filter the report by a specific training provider. The report output returns online course attempt results for the selected provider.
Recurring Training Check the box to include all records of this training on a transcript. If unchecked only the most recent registration will be included.
Removed Training Check the box to include training that was removed from the transcript by an administrator.
User Status Check the box to include inactive users in the report output.


Feature Description
Printable Version Click the Printable Version link to view a printable version of the report. A pop-up opens displaying the report data, which can be printed using your browser settings.
Export to Excel Click the Export to Excel link to view the report in Excel.

Printable Output

Excel Output

The following information displays in the printable and Excel report output:

  • User ID - This column displays the user ID of the user who attempted the course.
  • User - This column displays the name of the user who attempted the course, displaying as last name, first name.
  • Title - This column displays the title of the course that was attempted.
  • Registration Number - This column displays the registration instance for the course.
  • Attempt Number - This column displays the attempt number for the course. Each course attempt displays in a separate row on the report.
  • Attempt Date - This column displays the date on which the user attempted the course.
  • Attempt Status - This column displays the status of the attempt. The following are the possible statuses:
    • Completed
    • Failed
    • Incomplete
    • Passed
  • Attempt Score - This column displays the user's score for the course attempt, if a score is available for the course. Note: If the user's score is manually updated by a manager or administrator, the updated score does not display on the report.

Note: If the report fails to process, consider reducing the possible output volume by narrowing the report criteria. For example, instead of including all Division organizational units (OU) in the User Criteria section, only include one or two Division OUs. Or, if all Division OUs are included, narrow the date range in the Date Criteria fields.