21 CFR 11 - Transcript Details Report

The 21 CFR 11 - Transcript Details Report is a standard report available in the Training section. This report displays details for completed courses based on training title, user, and date range selections. The information that displays in the report output is based on the data available at the time the selected user's transcripts were locked down upon training completion.

See Transcript Lockdown - Administrator Overview.

To access the 21 CFR 11 - Transcript Details Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Training. Then, click the 21 CFR 11 - Transcript Details link.


Filter Description
Date Criteria Select the date range for the report from the drop-down list or enter specific dates in the From and To fields. Only learning objects (LOs) with completion dates that are equal to or between the "From" and "To" dates will appear in the output.
User Criteria

Select a user or a group of users that may be included in the report. This criterion applies to the users who will appear in the report output. This is a required field. You may choose one or more individual users as well as entire organizational units (OUs) or Groups. Depending on the constraints of the report permission, the user running the report may only be able to view users for the organizational units to which they are constrained.

If this field is left blank, then the report checks the user's permission constraints and returns results for all users who are within the report permission constraints. If the user has no permission constraints, then the report returns results for all users.

Advanced Criteria

Select one or more training types from the Training Type drop-down to filter the results by the selected training type. By default, all training types are selected. The following training types are available:

  • Curriculum
  • Event
  • External Training
  • Library
  • Material
  • Online Class
  • Posting
  • Quick Course
  • Test
  • Video

Select a language from the drop-down to filter the report results by the language in which the LO is configured. By default, the user's default language is selected.

If constraints are added to the permission needed to run the report, then the constraints limit the training information that is visible to the user running the report, as well as the users that can be selected in the User Criteria filter.

Process Report

Filter Description
Report Title Enter a title for the report. The character limit is 50. If a title is not entered, the report title defaults to 21 CFR 11 - Transcript Details Report.

To process the report, click the Process Report link. This is an asynchronous report, which means that report data is only available as of the previous day.

Asynchronous reports allow the administrator to define the standard report and generate the report asynchronously. As a result, when administrators process the report, the system generates the report in the background, while the administrator can move on to other areas of the system. When the report is finished processing, the administrator can then view the full report in its entirety.

  • Up to three separate reports can generate asynchronously, allowing greater flexibility creating and storing different versions of the report.
  • If you process a report or refresh a stored report, the report appears in the table as Queued.
  • Since the user can generate up to three reports, the administrator can define a report title for each of the generated reports.

Processed Reports Table

The Processed Reports table displays the following for the report:

  • Report Name
  • Create Date
  • Last Run
  • Output - Click the PDF icon to open the report. Or, click the Excel icon to open the report as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
    • Refresh - Click to refresh the report data.
    • View Details - Click to view the report configuration details.
    • Remove - Click to delete the report.


The following information displays in the report output:

  • User ID
  • User - This column defines the sort order for the report by user last name in ascending order.
  • Training Title - The training title that displays is the title of the training at the time of lockdown.
  • Training Type
  • Registration Date
  • Completion Date
  • Status - This column displays the status of the training in the user's transcript.
  • User Status - This column displays the status of the user in the portal, either Active or Inactive.