SMP Survey Step Report

This report will display the answers to questions from a survey step within a SMP task. SMP task data is available for this report as soon as the corresponding SMP task is saved.


  • User Criteria - limit report output to the users matching the specified user criteria
    • The report will only run within the defined constraints for the user running the report
    • This is the standard OU availability selection criteria drop-down. Choose from available OU types
    • Defaults: If no User Criteria are selected then the report will run for the entire available population
  • Task - select specific SMP task (required field)
  • Survey Step -select step from drop-down
  • Question Display - select to display question in full or abbreviated on the report output. If Full Question is selected, the full question title will appear in the column header for each question in the survey step. If Abbreviated is selected, then the each question in the column header will be abbreviated to 25 characters with the text "..." displaying at the end.
  • Display OU - check to include OU information on report and select specific OU from drop-down


  • link to view the results in a web page, or link to save/open as an Excel file

The report output will consist of a minimum of 3 columns:

  • Assigned User - the user assigned the SMP task
  • User ID - the ID of the user assigned the SMP task
  • Question [1 - N] - a column will appear for each question included in the selected survey step.
    • The questions will appear in the order they are defined in the survey step.
    • The question title will be full or abbreviated based on the question display setting.
    • In each question column, the assigned user's answer will appear