Scheduled Interviews Report

The Scheduled Interviews report enables you to report on all interviews by date, interviewer, location, and applicant. The report can serve as a complete interview schedule by displaying important scheduling information for recruiters and other users.

Note: Live Video, On Demand Video, and Phone interview types are always included in the output. These interview types cannot be filtered out of the report.

To access the Scheduled Interviews report, go to Standard Reports > Recruitment.


Feature Description
Date Criteria The Interview Date field allows you to define the interview date on which you would like to report. The report can only be run for one interview date at a time. The default value is the current date. Enter a date in the field or select a date using the calendar feature. This field is required.
Advanced Criteria

Limit report output to the following:

  • Interviewer(s) - Click the Select icon to select one or more interviewers to include in the output. This opens the Select User pop-up. Select the interviewers, and then click Done. This adds the interviewers to the filter. Note: The interviewer must be defined as an interviewer for at least one requisition in order to appear in the output.
  • Interview Location(s) - Click the Select icon to select one or more locations. This opens the Select Location pop-up. Select the locations, and then click Done. This adds the locations to the filter. If a location has child locations, then all child locations are included.
  • Applicant(s) - Click the Select icon to select one or more internal or external applicants to include in the output. This opens the Select User pop-up. Select the applicants, and then click Done. This adds the applicants to the filter.

Multiple values can be selected for each criterion. The Advanced Criteria fields are not required.

Report Title Enter a title for the report. If no title is entered, the report title defaults to the report name. The title appears on both the report output and in the Processed Reports list.

When the Process Report link is clicked, the report is run based on the selected criteria. The report output is stored in the Processed Reports table.

The administrator can choose the following actions and options for each report in the Processed Report table:

  • Click the Print icon to generate a printable version of the report. Note: Excel output is not available for this report.
  • Click the Refresh icon to refresh the report results.
  • Click the View Details icon to view the filter criteria for the report.
  • Click the Delete icon to delete the report.


The following information displays in the output:

  • Interview Scheduled Date - This displays the date selected in the Interview Date field.
  • Time - This column displays the interview start and end time. The time zone for the interview displays in parentheses to the right of the time. The time displays in the time zone of the report creator. This column defines the sort order, from earliest to latest start time.
  • Applicant - This column displays the full name of the applicant, requisition title, requisition ID, and applicant phone number.
  • Interviewer(s) - This column displays the full name, position title, and phone number for each interviewer. If there are multiple interviewers for the same interview session, then the interviewers are listed in the order in which they are defined on the Interview Scheduler page.
  • Location - This column displays the location of the interview. The information that displays is dependent upon the interview type:
    • In Person - Physical location of interview
    • Phone - Phone number for interview
    • Live Video - "Live Video Interview" (Note: This displays for both Live Video interviews and On Demand Video interviews.)
    • Virtual - "Virtual Interview".