Referral Statistics Report

The Referral Statistics Report enables you to view and compare referrers and their referral statistics. Essentially, the report allows you to ascertain the success of referrals by employee. You can view the number of referrals that an employee has made and if they qualify for a referral bonus.




Date Criteria

Select the date range for the report from the drop-down list or enter specific dates in the From and To fields.

Advanced Criteria

You can limit report output to the following:

  • Requisition Owner - Select requisition owners from standard OUs.
  • Division - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Division OUs.
  • Location - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Location OUs.
  • Job Title - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Position OUs. Note: The job title criterion uses the position title defined in the Position OUs, rather than the display job title defined on the requisition.
  • Requisition ID - Enter the requisition ID, which can be found on the Manage Job Requisitions page. Only one ID can be used, and the ID must match exactly. Note: Entering a Requisition ID supersedes all other criteria.
  • Requisition Referrer - Select one or more OU criteria for the referrer.

Multiple values can be selected for each criterion except Requisition ID. The report only runs within the defined constraints for the user running the report. If the user's permission to run the report is not constrained, at least one criterion must be selected. If the user's permission to run the report has at least one constraint and no criterion is selected, the report is run for all available advanced criteria.

Display Options

The report must be filtered by at least one of the following values:

  • Referrer Name - The full name of the employee who made the referral.
  • Requisition Referred - The requisition that the employee referred.
  • Requisition ID - The requisition ID of the position that the employee referred.
  • Requisition Division - The division of the position that the employee referred.
  • Requisition Location - The location of the position that the employee referred.
  • Referral Name - The name of the applicant who submitted a referral.
  • Referral Method - The method the employee used to refer the job. The following are the only possible referral method values:
    • Referral-Facebook

    • Referral-LinkedIn

    • Referral-Email

    • Referral-Search Network

    • Referral-Suggested

    • Referral-Other

  • Date Applied - The date the referral applicant submitted an application for the position.
  • Applicant Status - The current status of the applicant on the day the report is processed.
  • Hire Date - The day (MM/DD/YYYY) that the applicant's status changed to Hired.
  • Days Since Hire - If the applicant status is Hired, this value shows the number of days that have passed since the status was last changed to Hired.
  • Bonus Amount - If applicable, this value shows the bonus amount and currency associated with the requisition.

Each value selected displays in its own column on the report.

Report Title

Enter a title for the report. If no title is entered, the report title defaults to the report name. The title appears on both the report output and in the Processed Reports list.


The summary view of the report is an Excel table that shows referral statistics by employee. Details about the specific requisitions or applicants that were referred does not display in the summary view.

The following columns appear as the last three columns on the report:

  • Number of Existing Referrals - The total number of referral applications that are credited to the employee. Applicants that have a Hired status are included.
  • Number of Hired Referrals - The total number of referral applications that are credited to the employee and that currently have an applicant status of Hired.
  • Referral Success Rate - The percentage of referrals that resulted in a hire. The referral success rate is calculated by dividing the total number of hired referrals by the total number of existing referrals.

The details view is also an Excel table and shows referral statistics for each requisition that is referred.

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