Applications by Source and Status Report

The Applications by Source and Status report is used to report on the source data for all applications. The report breaks sources into the following categories in a pie chart on the report page:

  • Career Center
  • Career Sites
  • Employee Referrals
  • External Referrals
  • Job Boards
  • Other

Additionally, there are detail reports for each individual source, displaying the number of applications that reached specific statuses.

Note: The Agency Portal functionality must be enabled in order for recruiting agency source data to be available for the report.

To access the Applications by Source and Status report, go to Standard Reports > Recruitment.




Date Criteria

Select the date range for the report from the drop-down list or enter specific dates in the From and To fields.

Advanced Criteria

You can limit report output to the following:

  • Requisition Owner - Select requisition owners from standard OUs.
  • Division - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Division OUs.
  • Location - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Location OUs.
  • Job Title - Use the default value of "All" or select one or more Position OUs. Note: The job title criterion uses the position title defined in the Position OUs, rather than the display job title defined on the requisition.
  • Requisition ID - Enter the requisition ID, which can be found on the Manage Job Requisitions page. Only one ID can be used, and the ID must match exactly. Note: Entering a Requisition ID supersedes all other criteria.

Multiple values can be selected for each criterion except Requisition ID. The report only runs within the defined constraints for the user running the report. If the user's permission to run the report is not constrained, at least one criterion must be selected. If the user's permission to run the report has at least one constraint and no criterion is selected, the report is run for all available advanced criteria.

Display Options

The report must be filtered by at least one of the following statuses:

  • Unqualified Submissions - This field includes all submissions that are not qualified in the report. Unqualified submissions are submissions that do not have a candidate date. When selected, the Failed Pre-Screening field is checked and disabled.
  • Failed Pre-Screening - This status filter includes all applicants that submitted an application, failed the pre-screening questions, and have an applicant status of Closed. Note: Such applicants are only visible on the requisition's Requisition Snapshot page. These applicants were never considered a new submission because their first and only applicant status was Closed and their disposition reason was Failed Pre-Screening.
  • Qualified Applicants - Select this option to include all submissions that have a candidate date.
    • All applicants that have submitted an application and are in any applicant status except Closed and Hired. Note: All custom statuses are included in this category.
    • All applicants that have an applicant status of Closed and whose immediate preceding status was any applicant status.
  • Hired - All applicants that have an applicant status of Hired.


The summary view of the report is a pie chart that shows the percentage of applications by source. Click on any pie segment to open a details graph of the segment. The number in parentheses in the pie chart header represents the total number of applications included in the report data.

The details graph displays below the pie chart. In the y-axis, a colored bar displays, showing the name and percentage of applications from that source within the overarching source. Each bar is split into the number of applicants that are using each source.

Note: A "Recruiting Agencies" bar graph displays if the "Recruiting Agencies" segment is selected in the pie chart or if all source sections are expanded. The graph displays all recruiting agency submissions.

The printable version displays the details graph for each piece of the pie chart. The Excel version does not display either the pie chart or the details graph.

Printable Version Output

Excel Output