Performance Review Step Status Report

The Performance Review Step Status Report displays the status of review steps within a performance review task.

To access the Performance Review Step Status Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports. Select the Performance tab. Then, select the Performance Review Step Status Report link.


Filter Name Description
User Criteria Limit report output to the users matching the specified user OU criteria. The report only runs within the defined constraints for the user running the report. If no criteria are selected, the report is run for all available users.
Review Task Select a specific performance review task.
Review Step Once a Review Task is selected, the steps within the review task are displayed. The report displays the status of each selected step for the selected users. The steps do not display as options until a task is selected. Select the sections to include in the report.
Display OU Select an Organizational Unit to display that information on the report. For example, if you select the Position OU, each user's position will display in the report. This is optional.