Observation Checklist Notes Report

The Observation Checklist Notes Report displays notes made on observation checklists. This report can be filtered by date, user, and checklist. The notes included in this report are notes that were added to a competency from the Competency Details page.

To access the Observation Checklist Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports. From the Performance tab, click the Observation Checklist Notes link.


Filter Name Description
Date Criteria Filter your results by date. Notes made within the specified time frame will display. Note: Date Criteria is always implemented using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
User Criteria Limit results to the users matching the specified user criteria. If no criteria are selected, the report will run for all available users.
Checklist Limit results to specific checklists. This filter is only available to users who have the Observation Checklist Report permission.
User Status Select this option to include notes made by users that are now inactive.


Notes are sorted by user, so the notes for each user are grouped together. The notes are then sorted by checklist and competency.