Goal Details Report

The Goal Details Report displays the details of each goal a user owns that fall within a specific time period. If any part of a goal is in the time period, it is displayed. This report can be used to get a detailed look at a user's goals.


Filter Name Description
Date Criteria Filter your results by date. If any part of a goal falls within that time frame, the goal will display. The default date criteria are specified by OU on the Goals Preferences page. Note: Date Criteria is always implemented using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
User Criteria Select a specific user. This is a required field.
Cancelled Goals Include cancelled goals in the report.
Goal Comments Include goal comments in the report.
Printable Version Display each goal on a separate page in the PDF version.


The report is sorted by perspective, and then alphabetically by goal title.

Note: Field names may be customizable by the system administrator, so your field names may vary.

Configuration Options

The following labels can be configured on the Goal Configuration page, and this report will match what is configured there:

  • Description, Progress, Status, Perspective, Categories, Start Date, Due Date, Success Descriptors, Task, Target

Any fields that do not exist within the goal will not display. For example, if a goal does not have any tasks, the Tasks field will not display.


If the goal owner has some goals that contain perspectives but others that do not, the goals that do not have perspectives are treated as one group and placed at the end of the list. If the goal owner only has goals that do not have a perspective, the goals are sorted alphabetically by goal title. In this case, the Perspective field does not display in the report output.

If a goal does not have a perspective, the value in the Perspective field on the report output is N/A.

Shared Goals & Goal Weight

For shared goals, the shared goal is not included in the report output for users with whom the goal is shared. The shared goal can only be included for the user who is the goal owner. As a result, the goal weight in the report output does not include the shared goal for users who are not the goal owner. A shared goal is only factored into the goal weight for the user who is the goal owner.