Adjustment Guidelines Report

This report displays adjustment guidelines that apply to a group of employees during a specific period for a particular compensation component. This report is effective in displaying whether or not multiple recommendation guidelines apply for an employee for a specific period for a component. Custom bonus components and LTI Award can be selected for inclusion in this report.


Filter Name


Date Criteria Filter your results based on a date range.
User Criteria

Limit report output to the users matching the specified user criteria.

  • The report only runs within the defined constraints for the user running the report.
  • This is the standard OU availability selection criteria drop-down. Choose from available OU types.
  • Defaults: If no User Criteria are selected then the report will run for the entire available population.
Component Select one or more components to include in the report.
Wage Type

Determine which guidelines are included in the report:

  • All Wage Types - Include adjustment guidelines with any Wage Type.
  • Wage Type (e.g., Annual, Hourly, Weekly) - All available wage types are displayed, including custom wage types. Select a specific wage type to include only employees from tasks that utilize the selected wage type in the report.
Adjustment Guideline Select specific guidelines to include in the report.


  • Printable Version - Click the Printable Version link to view the results in a Web page.
  • Export to Excel - Click the Export to Excel link to save/open the report as an Excel file.

Users who have more than one recommendation guideline apply will be highlighted in red.