Reporting 2.0 - Report Delivery and Scheduling

The Delivery option lets you send the report to yourself and other users via email and to an FTP folder. You can also schedule report delivery once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

To access Reporting 2.0, go to Reports > Reporting 2.0.

Report Delivery via Email

To set report delivery via email:

  1. Click the delivery icon in the upper-right corner of the Builder tab. This opens the Delivery panel.
  2. Check the Myself box to deliver the report to your email.
  3. Click Add Users to open the Select Users panel.
  4. Search for and select users to deliver the report to. Up to 20 users can be selected.
  5. Click select to save the selections. This adds the users to the Delivery panel.
  6. Select the delivery format from the Format drop-down. The following delivery options are available:
    1. Excel
    2. CSV
    3. PDF
    4. Word

You can remove users by clicking the X to the left of the user's name.

The report is delivered to the user's email that is in their user record.

Report Delivery to FTP

To schedule report delivery to your FTP folder:

  1. Click the icon for the Properties tab.
  2. Toggle the FTP option to On. This enables the options to appear for scheduling delivery.
  3. Select how frequently you want to run the report: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  4. Enter the time of day you want to run the report. You can enter a time in the field or click the clock icon and configure a time using the clock.
  5. Select the time zone from the drop-down below the Time of Day field.
  6. Enter the start date on which you want delivery via FTP to start. You can enter a date in the field or click the calendar icon and select a date from the calendar.

The row limit for delivery to an FTP folder is 1,000,000.

Report Scheduling

Note: When setting up delivery via email, if you would also like to deliver via FTP, the schedule will be the same for both. Email scheduling cannot be set up separately from FTP scheduling.

Toggle the Schedule Delivery Time option to On. This enables the delivery options to appear. You can also schedule a one-time delivery or deliver the report daily, weekly, or monthly.

Edit Report Schedule

When you update the schedule for a previously scheduled report, the old schedule will no longer apply. The report will be delivered to any users who are included in the delivery settings based on the new schedule. This prevents duplicate reports from being sent.

Note: If you update the schedule while the report is currently processing for delivery, then it is possible that two reports will be sent. The report that is based on the first schedule will send once it is done processing. Then, the report will be sent again at the updated delivery time. However, once the updated report is sent, the report will no longer be sent at the old delivery time.

Deadbox Settings

Report delivery will respect Deadbox Settings in Pilot and Stage environments when a deadbox has been configured on the backend. Report delivery will stop for inactive users. When the report owner is inactive, report delivery will stop for all report recipients.

Report delivery is resumed when/if the user or report owner becomes active again.

Note: A "deadbox" is an email address that can be set up as a global override for all users so that all system emails are sent to the deadbox address.