Reporting 2.0 - System Templates

Reporting 2.0 includes system report templates that are modeled after the most commonly-generated reports so that you can quickly and easily create reports that contain essential Learning, Core, and Performance data. Each template answers similar business questions as the standard report after which it was modeled. Templates are not exactly rebuilt standard reports; they are modern templates that answer similar business questions as the standard reports after which they were modeled.

These templates are intended to be a starting place for managers or administrators to copy and customize to meet the needs of their organization.

  • Templates cannot be deleted or edited. Templates can be copied, and once the template is copied, you can edit the settings such as fields and filters.
  • Templates will show Cornerstone Administrator as the owner.

To access Reporting 2.0, go to Reports > Reporting 2.0.

Available Templates

The following templates are available:

How to Use Templates

Pre-built templates are available from the Reporting 2.0 homepage by clicking the System Templates link. This will open a list of templates that are available to you.

Users must have the Reporting - System Templates permission in order to create templates. All templates will be available for users with this permission, based on the functionality that is enabled in the portal. For example, Performance templates are only available in portals that have Performance enabled.

Pre-built templates are similar to the Standard Report that each template is modeled after. Many of the fields and filters will be the same as what you would find in the Standard Report.

To use a template, simply open the template from the System Templates page, and the report results will display at the bottom of the page. The fields and filter values will be pre-populated.

The following images show the Past Due report template. The pre-selected filters display at the top, and the report results automatically populate at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions