View Global Calculated Fields

Global calculated fields are calculated fields that are created by the administrator and published to all users. The visibility of a global field is dependent upon a user's permissions and availability settings.

For information about viewing calculated fields you created, See View My Calculated Fields.

Note: If one of the fields included in a Calculated Fields is set to inactive, the Calculated Field won't be displayed.

Visibility of Global Fields

Global fields must be published globally in order to be available in the Global Fields section. The visibility of these fields is controlled by a user's permissions and constraints related to the fields that were used to create the calculated field. If a user does not have permission to view the fields that were used in the calculated field, then the calculated field does not appear for the user in the Global Fields section.

In addition, the fields that display in this section are dependent upon the type of report that is being created. For example, if the calculated field includes fields specific to Learning, then the calculated field will not be available to use in a report that focuses on Recruiting.

Use a Global Field in a Report

Users who can view a global field can include the field in a report in the same way that the field creator can include the field. This includes the following actions:

  • Add as a field to the report
  • Add as a filter
  • Add as chart criteria
  • Use in aggregation
  • Use in summarizing a report
  • Use in sorting a report

Users who do not have permission to manage global calculated fields cannot edit or delete the field, but they can copy the field.

View Global Field Description and Creator

Users can hover over the tool-tip to the right of the field name to view the following:

  • Field description
  • Field creator's name
  • Last edited by
  • Time edited

Options for Global Field Creator

The creator of a global field can edit, copy, and delete the field from within the Global Fields section.

  • Editing a Global Field - When edited, the changes are updated for all users.
  • Copying a Global Field - When copying a global field, the field appears in the creator's My Fields section and must be published globally in order to appear in the Global Fields section. Users who do not have permission to manage global calculated fields can copy the field.
  • Deleting a Global Field - When deleted, the field is removed for all users. The field is also removed from all reports that include the field.