Shared Reports with Calculated Fields

Reports that include calculated fields can be shared. The field appears in the report table and can be seen by all shared users, regardless of whether the field is a global field. See View Global Calculated Fields.

The following rules apply to the visibility of calculated field data in the report:

  1. Users can only view calculated field data if they have permission to view the report fields that are used in the calculated field.
  2. Users can only view the calculated field data that is within their permission constraints.

Global calculated fields can contain unpublished (non-global) calculated fields within the formula. When a global calculated field references a non-global calculated field in its formula, it behaves as if a shared user is missing permissions or availability to that global calculated field. Shared users can view the intended calculated field output in the report output only. The global calculated field is not visible to shared users in the report designer data folders until all underlying non-global calculated fields are published globally. This restriction ensures that when a report is copied by a shared user, the global calculated field remains as a private calculated field when non-global calculated fields are referenced in the formula.

When a user tries to publish a calculated field globally which references a non-global calculated field by enabling the Publish Field Globally toggle and saving the field, a warning message is displayed.

  • If the user selects Yes, the field is published globally.
  • If the user selects No, the Publish Field Globally toggle for the calculated field that references the non-global calculated field is disabled, and the field is not published globally.

If Shared users have edit permissions for the report they can remove a calculated field from the report, even if the field is not a global field.

Calculated fields that are not global fields are not visible to shared users in the Calculated Fields > My Fields section. See View My Calculated Fields.