Share Custom Reports within a Folder

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

The View Reports page within Custom Reports allows users to share multiple custom reports within a report folder. The reports can only be shared by users who have permission to share reports inside a folder.

When the reports within a folder are shared, all of the custom reports that the user created that are currently in the report folder are shared. The reports within the folder are only shared once; any reports that are added to the folder after it is shared are not automatically shared. Any changes that are made to the folder after it is shared are not automatically shared.

If the report folder that is shared contains additional folders, then those subfolders are shared as well.

The reports that are shared appear in the parent All Folders folder. However, if the user already had access to the shared report, then there is no change for that report and it continues to exist in the folder in which it was located prior to being shared.

To share the reports within a report folder, right click on the appropriate folder and select Share. This opens the Share Reports pop-up.

From the Share Reports drop-down, select the organizational unit (OU) type with which you are sharing the report folder and then select the appropriate OU. Multiple OUs and OU types can be selected.

You can also share the report folder with selected users or an existing group of users.

After selecting the appropriate OUs, groups, and users, click Share.

Editing/Copying Shared Reports

The reports that are shared cannot be edited by the users with whom the report is shared.

The users can copy the shared report, and then make changes to the copied report and save it.

Deleting Shared Reports

Reports that are shared can only be deleted by the user who created the report.

Users who receive a shared report cannot delete the report from their custom reports page. The report can only be deleted by contacting the user who shared the report with you and having them un-share the report.


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