Create Recruiting Custom Report

This Online Help page explains the process for creating Custom Recruiting Reports and also includes a detailed list of all the fields that can be added to the report.

Custom Recruiting Reports enable recruiters to report on requisition and applicant data. You can also report on interviews, pre-screening questions, offer letters, recruiting agencies, background checks, and cost tracking. Another report feature is external vendors, which enables you to report on third party integration data, such as assessments.

Recruiting Report Fields

The following field sections are available for Custom Recruiting Reports:

  • Applicant
  • Application Forms
  • Applications
  • Background Check
  • Compliance Questions
  • Historical Status
  • Interview Management and Scheduling
  • Offer Letter
  • Offer Letter Approval
  • Offer Letter Communication
  • Cost Tracking
  • External Vendors
  • Pre-Screening Questions
  • Recruiting Agency
  • Referral

Create a Custom Recruiting Report

Save the Report

The report can be saved at any point during the report creation process by clicking the Save button in the upper-right corner of the page. However, the Save button is only enabled once you have named the report in the Report Title field.

The report does not fully process until after you have saved and closed it. Once the report is finished processing, the report is ready for use.

Report Tips

  • Trial and Error of Report Fields - In order to achieve the desired report results, it may be necessary to try various combinations of fields. Reports are expected to take a few drafts before you arrive at the exact report you need. It is recommended that you search through all of the available fields in the Fields panel to see the different data-points that are available.
  • Suggestion City - If you would like a standard field added to Custom Reports, consider posting the request to Suggestion City in the Client Success Center as an enhancement request.