Create Custom Report - Summary Tab

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

The Summary tab enables you to summarize the data in the report based on certain fields.

Summarize Fields Example:Closed A Human Resources Manager would like to create a report that displays all direct reports for all managers in the organization. She creates a custom User report that includes the User First Name, User Last Name, and User Manager Name fields. On the Summarize tab, she selects User Manager Name in the Summarize By field. She also sorts the report on the Sort tab by User Manager Name, then by User First Name, and then by User Last name. The first column in the report results displays all of the managers in the organization who have direct reports and also groups each manager's direct reports under each manager's name. This allows the Human Resources Manager to quickly view all of the direct reports for each manager in the organization in a single report.

Summarize Fields

To summarize fields for the report, the fields must be added to the Summary tab. Fields are added by dragging and dropping fields from the Fields panel to the blank summary boxes on the Summary tab. Up to four fields can be summarized. Once you have reached the maximum number of summarized fields, an additional field cannot be added until at least one field is removed from the Summary tab.

Each summary row in the tab can only contain one field.

The following options are available for each field:

  • Ascending/Descending - Click the Ascending/Descending icon to the right of the field to put into ascending or descending order.
  • Delete - Click the Trash Can icon to delete the field from the Summary tab. This does not delete the field from the report.
  • View as Hierarchy - If an OU criterion is selected from the Summarize by drop-down list, then a View as hierarchy option is available to the right of the field. If this option is selected, the report data is automatically displayed in a hierarchical manner. The Then by drop-down option is automatically set to User Full Name and cannot be modified. If the View as hierarchy option is not selected, the Then by drop-down is active.
  • Include Percentage summary column - Check the box to display the percentage in the report. The percentages only display in the report output. The percentages in the report output display based on the value in the Maximum number of records field.
  • Overall Percentage - Select this option to display percentages relative to the total record count of the report.
  • Hierarchical Percentage - Select this option to display percentages relative to the parent level in the hierarchy or summary. These percentages are a flexible percentage that is configurable at different levels of the report. For example, if Division A has a Transcript status of Completed, the percentages are calculated based on the total number at the Division level. If Division A has 500 people and Completed has 50 people, the hierarchical percentages are calculated out of 500 people (10%).
  • Include grand summaries at bottom - Select this option to include a grand summary row at the bottom of the report for all summarized fields. Note: This option is only available if the data is summarized.

Note: Columns can also be summarized within the report preview panel. See Create Custom Report - Preview.

Reorder Fields on Summary Tab

If multiple fields are added to the Summary tab, you can define the sort order by dragging and dropping the fields into the desired order on the tab.

Update Report Results

To update the report preview panel with the new summary order, click Refresh. The report preview panel is updated to display the summary view of the report results.

In the summary view of the report preview panel, a drop-down displays for each summarized field. The drop-down includes the following options:

  • Summarize - Click this option to open the Summary tab. This option does not display for fields configured to display percentages.
  • Remove <Name of Summarized Field> <Number of Summary Field> - This option displays as a separate option in the drop-down for each summarized field. Clicking the option removes the associated summarized field. Note: If the Hierarchical Percentage view is checked on the Summary tab, then the Remove option displays for the top level summarized field.
  • Remove All Summarization - Click this option to remove all summary configurations from the Summary tab.