Create Custom Report - Sort Tab

Custom Reports Deprecation: Cornerstone has begun deprecating the legacy reporting solution "Custom Reports" as of August 2022, continuing with the November '22 Release. See Deprecation of Custom Reports - Phase 2.

The Sort tab enables you to define the sort order of the fields you selected for the report. By sorting the report fields, you can define which column displays first, and so forth, in the report output.

The report can only be sorted into a maximum number of four fields. Once the maximum number is reached, the report cannot be sorted into additional fields.

Sort Report

To sort fields on the report, the fields must be added to the Sort tab. Fields are added by dragging and dropping fields from the Fields panel to the blank sort boxes on the Sort tab.

You can also add fields by clicking the name of the field in the Report Preview panel, which automatically places the field in the next available sort box, up to the maximum of four fields. Once you have reached the maximum number of sorted fields, an additional field cannot be added until at least one field is removed from the Sort tab.

Each sort row in the tab can only contain one field.

Note: Columns can also be sorted within the report preview panel. See Create Custom Report - Preview.

Reorder Fields on Sort Tab

If multiple fields are added to the Sort tab, you can define the sort order by dragging and dropping the fields into the desired order on the tab.

Show All Items

The Show All Items drop-down displays to the right of each sort box. Clicking the drop-down shows all fields that are available for sorting, as well as the "None" option. You can select one of the fields from the drop-down to add the field to the sort. Or, select "None" to not sort the report by additional fields.

Sort Field Data in Ascending/Descending Order

The data in the sorted fields can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the Ascending or Descending icon to the right of the field.

Delete Sorted Field

You can delete fields from the Sort tab by clicking the Delete icon to the right of the field name. This deletes the field from the Sort tab but does not delete the field from the report.

Update Report Results

To update the report preview panel with the new sort order, click Refresh. This updates the sort order number of the column in the report preview.