Add Published Widgets to Dashboards

Custom reports that are published as widgets via the Custom Report Builder can be added to new and existing dashboards. A Published Widgets category displays on the New Widgets page to enable published widgets to be added to dashboards.

Availability of Published Widgets

If you have created a report that includes a published widget, then the widget will be available to you in the Published Widgets category.

If a custom report that includes a published widget has been shared, then the widget will be available in the Published Widgets category for the shared users if they have permission to view the specific custom report type from which the widget was published. If they do not have permission to view the report type, then the widget does not display in the Published Widgets category, even though the report was shared with the user.

Add Published Widget

To add a published widget to a dashboard:

  1. Select New or Edit from the Options drop-down. This opens the new dashboard page or the edit page for an existing dashboard.
  2. Click Add Widget. This opens the New Widget page.
  3. Click the Published Widgets category. This opens a screen that displays all published widgets. Note: The Published Widgets category is disabled until there is at least one published widget available for the user.

  1. Select the desired widget. The widget description displays in the right panel, as well as the name of the user who created the widget.
  2. Click Next. This adds the widget to the dashboard.
  3. Enter a description for the widget in the Type a Description here field, up to 200 characters. This field is not required.
  4. Click Save on the dashboard page. This saves the widget to the dashboard.

Disable Published Widget

You can disable the availability of a published widget so that it is no longer visible on the Published Widgets tab for dashboards. This can be done in Custom Reports.

To disable a published widget:

  1. Access the custom report to which the widget was added by going to Reports > Custom Reports and selecting Edit to change the report settings.
  2. Click the Publish tab on the custom report.
  3. Uncheck the Publish as widget option on the Publish tab.

Export Data to Excel

When viewing the published widget on the Dashboards page, you can export the data to Excel. An Export to Excel link appears in the options drop-down within the widget. Clicking the link opens the data in Excel.

Note: This option is only available for custom widgets. The option is not available for widgets that are part of standard reports in dashboards.